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   Casey James is an award winning composer and songwriter, with over 100 songs recorded by major artists. He has written hit songs for Elton John, Bell&James, and the O'jays, scored films, documentaries, industrials and commercials, written music for Dance and the Theatre, composed for jazz orchestra and ensemble, and has received many commissions.

  Artists who have recorded his songs include: Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Mathis, Notorious B.I.G., Lou Rawls,  the Spinners, Teddy Pendergrass, the Temptations, The I-threes, and many others.

Listen to Casey James tracks on Bandcamp:

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To search for songs written by Casey James, visit http://www.warnerchappell.com and do the following:
1. On the very left, choose "Songwriter."
2. Under that menu, Type "Casey James" and click "Search."
3. Click on "Casey James" to see the songlist.

Partial Song List

Elton John "Are you Ready for Love?"
#1 in Britain
Freemasons "Love on My Mind"
Jennifer Lopez "Still" From triple platinum album "This is me...then"
Notorious B.I.G "Can I Git Wichya" (Platinum)
Mase "24 Hours to Live" (Platinum)
Elton John "Mama Can't Buy you Love" (Gold single)
O'Jays "This Time" (Gold Single)
Bell & James "Livin it Up" (Gold Single)
Teddy Pendergrass Album "Teddy" (Platinum)

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